Saturday, July 27, 2013

Etsy Sellers

Recently I partnered with some sellers on Etsy (An online market where people can sell handmade and vintage items) and, if they would like, I gave them a free opportunity to be on my Blogroll section. Those sellers are towards the bottom. Please check out each and every one of their shops, they will very much appreciate it! These sellers are generally new or do not have very many sales and are looking for some ways to get some visitors to their shop! Make sure to visit the Blogroll section (at the top of the page) to check all of their shops out! Items range from felt toys to recycled lights, hand knitted clothes to retro style ones. They would love it if you we're one of their first customers, and they would be extremely happy if you told them that you found their shop on lizakekky! Thank you for your support of these sellers and hope that you find the perfect gift for someone, or an item to pamper you!

Check out my new etsy team, titled tell me about your shop!

Also, please check out my Etsy shop at FunFactoryGirl OR Click on the "shop" section in the bar above. You can purchase those items directly from there!


  1. I found your blog on the Etsy teams page. It's so cool that you are promoting others <3